Satisfy all your senses and find your oasis of peace and comfort in the wellness centre of Hotel Art.

Achieve harmony and indulge in relaxing colours, pleasant scents, the sound of water, relaxing music and delicious and healthy wellness snacks.

Do you need a break after a hard day’s work? Is your body tense, painful and your health impaired? Do you want to prepare and relax for tomorrow’s business meeting? Do you maintain good form and fitness? Or do you just want a beauty treatment? In our wellness centre you will surely find an offer tailored to your needs, and achieve physical and mental balance.

Treat yourself with healthy and relaxing moments of rest, refreshment, meditation, relaxation and care, and thus keep your health, renew your energy, become a satisfied being. Wellness is a modern model of health promotion because it supports a lifestyle that develops positive health behaviour.

From the multitude of packages, we have prepared, choose the one that will best harmonize your soul and body, and if you are undecided, we are here to help you choose.

In the wellness centre there are:

– Swimming pool

– Sauna

– Relaxroom, massage area

Wellness represents a mental and physical balance and one big break from the crazy rush of everyday life.

It is a time to connect with your inner silence and peace, and in addition wellness has a number of beneficial health effects.

The most important health effects include:

– hydrotherapy – relaxes muscles and joints, acts to relieve pain and relieve tension throughout the body

– improving circulation and blood pressure

– stress relief

– proper activation of the metabolism and calorie burning

– strengthening the thermoregulation system

– efficient purification of the organism – release and excretion of toxins

– skin cleansing

– a deeper and more relaxed sleep

– psychological effects – as a result of a pleasant atmosphere and warmth you become extremely relaxed


We paid special attention to making a package “for two". Replace the boring habit of going out to cafes and restaurants and surprise your significant other with an unusual date. Experience your spontaneous romantic getaway or celebrate an important anniversary with scented candles, a romantic atmosphere, sweet wellness snacks and champagne.

Want to take your friends out to relax? Are you organizing a girl's night? Maybe you just want to go somewhere on a double date? Packages for 4 or more people are then the right thing for you. Pleasant and carefree gatherings in the wellness centre will satisfy the male and female senses, and relax and cheer everyone up.

If you want to surprise your friends, family, business partners or your significant other, we offer gift vouchers that you can buy at the reception of Hotel Art at any time of the day.

The gift voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

We all need a wellness experience for a more beautiful and productive life. In addition to relaxation and carefreeness, the body recovers and regenerates.

Let your health come first!