Dear guests,

In front of you is the menu of the restaurants Zrinski and Vidikovac.

We want you to find dishes in it that will give you a unique gastronomic pleasure.

Some of them will surely take you back to your childhood with their aromas and flavours, remind you of the dishes prepared by our grandmothers, and some may take you on the path of world famous cuisines.

We hold that the secret of every good dish, except the skill and knowledge of the chef, is certainly in quality ingredients.

The dishes on our menu are prepared from fresh meat, vegetables and fruits exclusively from local producers.

Fish lovers will surely recognize that our sea fish, like octopus, is Adriatic, and the river fish from our rivers.

We are especially proud of our own bread and pasta production.

Pasta as a warm appetizer, or as a side dish or as a main course, is always homemade.

And finally, desserts, delicious and tasty, prepared according to the recipes of our grandmothers, our homemade cakes.

We therefore invite you to choose something for yourself from our selection of domestic and foreign specialties.

Freshly prepared food from carefully selected ingredients, a pleasant ambience and a friendly staff await you.

We wish you a pleasant journey through “our tastes"!

Enjoy your meal!